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Why Everybody Needs a Lightning Cable That Charges Fast

A lightning cable is an accessory that every Apple device owner deserves. The cables have numerous applications. For instance, you can use them to transfer data when connected to a laptop. You can also use them to charge your Apple gadgets by connecting them to a power source. When choosing a Lightning charging cable, one of the principal elements to consider is the charging speed. Most people go for fast charging lightning cables. This post explains why.

Four reasons for the increased popularity of the fast charging lightning cable

Nobody hates convenience and flexibility. Imagine waiting for hours to get your phone to 50% when you want to play your favorite game or make several calls to your customers. The fast charging lightning cable from Ugreen saves your time by ensuring that your phone charges promptly and retains power for many hours. Here’s why you need this cable.

Increased usability and mobility of devices

One of the top advantages of fast charging lightning cables is the increased usability and mobility of devices. A slow charging cable can take up to several hours to charge a device completely. This means spending several hours without using your gadget since using a gadget as it charges is highly ill-advised. This reduces the usability of your gadgets. Additionally, a mobile gadget gets its mobility from its battery. Therefore, you take away its mobility when you keep it plugged and charging for several hours. For this reason, a fast-charging lightning cable is recommended.

Great for devices with higher battery capacities

Another reason everybody needs a lightning cable that charges fast is for devices with higher battery capacities. Devices with higher battery capacities usually take longer to charge when using a regular charging cable because of the limited charging speed. However, this does not have to be an issue with a fast-charging lightning device. Using a fast cable will allow you to charge your device faster and get on with your daily activities.

Protects your battery pack

The battery pack inside your phone often gets damaged when you keep your phone on charge for a long time. The longer your phone is plugged in, the more heat it builds up. The heat is the main culprit behind damaged internal phone parts. Note that the faster your phone charges, the lesser the heat it generates. It is also worth noting that the heat and sudden power surges when charging your phone can fry or explode the circuits inside your battery pack. Therefore, a fast-charging lightning cable can protect the integrity of your phone’s battery pack.


A lightning cable can charge your phone fully in about an hour. This is pretty impressive since most phones may take hours and hours to charge. Whether traveling or in areas with power interruptions, you are assured of a fully charged phone. The cable’s fast-charging capability gives it the name “lightning cable.” The cables charge as fast as “lightning.”


Lightning cables are slightly priced compared to traditional chargers because of their fast-charging benefits. However, their price difference is negligible, especially if you consider the extra value you will receive. Browse Ugreen store for a variety of lightning cables.

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